Technological Hubris and Nature's Counterforce

An excerpt from from "Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare" by Michael Hoffman

"On April 26, 1986, at the fourth unit of the V.I. Lenin nuclear reactor at Chernobyl in Ukraine, a genie was invoked which has attracted scientists who shorten their lives to serve there, in part, in order to have darshan with the spilled plutonium itself, because in its presence they are mesmerized. In the name of producing energy that would be "too cheap to meter," the invasion of the entities of Lovecraft is now tangible. 
There is a joke operating behind the scene-flats of history. It has as its running gag the ambition to perfect mankind and create a utopian society. In 4,000 years of such hucksterage it has not dawned on the particular activists that every attempt to perfect humanity brings only calamity. 
The path to hell on earth is trod by the road to utopia. This trail leads not simply to Jacobin Paris or Bolshevik Moscow, but to the laboratories of the scientists prac…

WHO: Under-4s Should Learn About ‘Early Childhood Masturbation’, ‘Explore Gender Identities’

Christian Institute has slammed World Health Organization (WHO) sexuality education guidance recommending that children under four should receive information about masturbation and their “right to explore gender identities”.
The WHO Regional Office for Europe and Federal Centre for Health Education (BZgA) document, titled ‘Standards for Sexuality Education in Europe’, contains a “Sexuality education matrix” recommending that, among other thing, children aged 0-4 should be given information about “enjoyment and pleasure when touching one’s own body, early childhood masturbation” and “the right to explore gender identities”.The matrix further recommends that children aged 4-6 should be given information about “same-sex relationships” and the “skills” to “consolidate their gender identity”; that children aged 6-9 should be given information about “the positive influence of sexuality on health and wellbeing”; and children aged 9-12 given information about “first sexual experience” and “gen…

An End to Banks and Cash? Forbes: New Stimulus Check “Debit Cards” Show America’s Banks Are In Big Trouble

New Stimulus Check “Debit Cards” Show America’s Banks Are In Big Trouble
Stephen McBride. Forbes. May 28, 2020A new wave of stimulus payments is hitting people’s mailboxes. But they’re NOT coming in the form of checks. Instead, millions of Americans are now receiving pre-paid debit cards.That’s right. The Treasury Department is sending out around 4 million debit cards to people who haven’t provided their banking information to the IRS. The pre-paid cards look like this:SOURCE: CNNThe Treasury’s calling them Economic Impact Payment (EIP) cards. But look at the top right corner. These are Visa (V) cards. And they’re the latest proof of what I’ve been saying all along: this is the end of the bank. And another reason to bet on the true financial disruptors, like Visa and Mastercard (MA)Visa and Mastercard Are the Ultimate “Tollbooth” StocksIt hardly matters what bank you use. At the end of the day, your card likely needs Visa or Mastercard’s payment network to function. It’s not a coi…

They Called the Test Site "Trinity". Nagasaki 1945. A Deliberate Decision?

2007. Two thirds of the Catholics in Japan were killed. Was this a deliberate decision? 

by Sandro Magister
ROMA, October 30, 2007 – In the volume of cardinal Giacomo Biffi's memoirs, on sale in bookstores as of today, there is one passage, concerning Japan, that ends with an open question. 
It is where Biffi recalls the strong impact he felt in 1945 from the news of the atomic bombs dropped by the United States on Hiroshima on August 6, and on Nagasaki on August 9. 
He writes: 
"I had already heard about Nagasaki. I had come across it repeatedly in the 'History manual of the Catholic missions' by Giuseppe Schmidlin, three volumes published in Milan in 1929. Nagasaki had produced the first substantial Catholic community in Japan, in the sixteenth century. In Nagasaki, on February 5, 1597, thirty-six martyrs (six missionary Franciscans, three Japanese Jesuits, and twenty-seven laymen) gave their lives for Christ. They were canonized by Pius IX in 1862. When the persecution …

Freedom and "Liberty" in Time and Eternity

It is almost a truism that the biblical concept of time is linear. There is for us a Beginning of time and an End of created time. In between there is the long period of choice given to every human being. This is the Hebrew-Christian revelation from of old, from the very dawn of human history.

Prior to this time of human choice in history there was according to the prophetical and apostolic witness a revolt among the first order of created beings (Isa. 14; Lk.10:18, etc.) And "a third" of that angelic order by an implicitly inherent created liberty chose to enlarge that liberty and autonomy, choosing it's own projections of "reality," instead of retaining true Freedom which is aligned to the purposes of creation  (Apoc. / Rev 12:4: Jn.8:32; 14:6);  and so they Fell from the sustaining grace of God and the purposes of Creation. This is sin or, literally, missing the mark or goal of creation, all contingent being. 
By God's mysterious permission and design the …

The New World Order ... At War With Reality. The De-Sexed, De-Humanized Society

“. . . . Come, you spirits That tend on mortal thoughts! Unsex me here And fill me from the crown to the toe top full Of direst cruelty, make thick my blood, Stop up the access and passage to remorse, That no compunctious visitings of nature Shake my fell purpose, nor keep peace between The effect and it! Come to my woman’s breasts, And take my milk for gall, you murdering ministers . . .” --Shakespeare, Macbeth
The De-Sexed, De-Humanized Society

"Physical reality exists independent of “gender identity non-discrimination” law—or any man-made law. 
Laws have no power to make reality go away, but they can change how people behave in response to reality. They can enforce disregard for reality through speech protocols, social and economic pressures, invasions of privacy, and thought policing. And that is what the effect of Obama’s executive order is all about".
And teaching our children? It could hardly be more serious
The NWO is not primarily an economic arrangement (though that is, …

To be Just a Man, a Just Man

No, son, I don’t believe in or accept any of the new, crazy laws they teach in the schools. Unnatural laws. Nor those so-called new global bodies which never asked for my vote and which promote all that. Which has nothing to do with us.
The old ways… How can Truth ever be passé? That’s all just passing nonsense.No, we’ll just keep trying to be good men, just men, who wish none harm, who do none harm. You and me. Us. Keeping the Commandments and the ‘old’ ways is rule enough for us.

Covid: Killing Fields of the Old and Sick? Daniel McAdams, Exec. Dir. Ron Paul Institute

"Nationwide, 42 percent of the Covid-19 death toll was comprised of Americans who were confined to live-in care facilities. While at first it was easy to simply gasp at a disease so cruel that it seemed to target older people, now that the smoke has cleared it is becoming painfully - and criminally - obvious that the virus had some very powerful human enablers. 
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who has shamelessly used the coronavirus crisis to puff up his national political profile, ordered the elderly hospitalized with Covid back to their nursing homes where they could spread the virus like so many Typhoid Marys. Amid calls for a Federal probe into Cuomo's callous and deadly decision to rip elderly patients from their hospital beds and send them back to cramped senior facilities, Cuomo demurs, guessed it: Trump!
In Pennsylvania a particularly cruel (and unelected) creature, Rachel Levine, in charge of the state's Covid policy oversaw a virus outbreak that cl…

Cuomo order that sent estimated 4,300 Covid-19 patients to nursing homes denounced

“It was a death sentence,” May 22, 2020 - Common Dreams -New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is facing new criticism after the Associated Press reported Friday that a state directive led to over 4,300 still recovering coronavirus patients being sent to New York’s “already vulnerable nursing homes.”“It was a death sentence,” tweeted Daniel Choi, a doctor at the Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell. He called the directive a “horrendous idea” and “definitely not something any doctor taking care of nursing home patients would have signed off on.”The state health department directive (pdf), issued March 25, barred nursing homes from requiring patients deemed “medically stable” from being tested for Covid-19 prior to admission. Cuomo, a Democrat, rescinded the order May 10, but not before thousands of infected patients likely entered nursing homes and contributed to the coronavirus’s spread.The estimated number tallied by the AP amounts to what would have been a “big an…

Cdl. Müller and Pope Benedict XVI on abuse crisis and its link to homosexual infiltration into priesthood

Müller: "In my view, there do not exist homosexual men or priests. God has created the human being as man and woman. But there can be men and women with disordered passions." See also, Pope Benedict XVI:"...saving humanity from homosexual or transsexual behaviour...just as important as saving the rainforest from destruction."  More here... Gerhard Ludwig Müller is a German cardinal of the Catholic Church. He served as the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith(CDF) from his appointment by Pope Benedict XVI in 2012 until his curious sudden dismissal by Francis in 2017. 
Maike Hickson, Lifesite News
'Homosexual conduct of clergymen can in no case be tolerated.'
Wed Nov 21, 2018 - 12:13 pm EST
By Maike Hickson
November 21, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Cardinal Gerhard Müller, the former Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (2012-2017), has granted LifeSiteNews an interview in which he discusses in depth the problems of the c…

Padre Pio Under Investigation: The Secret Vatican Files by Francesco Castelli

"These are almost entirely unpublished texts, and they are of remarkable documentary value: Since they were declared classified at that time, they didn’t appear among the sources in the archives of San Giovanni Rotondo, and for this reason they were ignored for a long time. But in 2006, as is well known, Benedict XVI gave free access to the archives of the former Holy Office up until the year 1939, making it possible at last to examine what the archives held on the subject of the friar from Pietrelcina. The consequence of all this was the revival of the seemingly inexhaustible research on this saint, who has been long-loved and at the same time, in some circles, so discussed and looked upon with arrogant diffidence. 

These past few years have seen the arguments—both in favor and against the stigmatic Capuchin—rekindle, arguments that had apparently died down with the canonization. 
Thus a volume by the Jewish historian Sergio Luzzatto, Padre Pio. Miracoli e Politica nell’Italia del…